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Surrogacy Consultation Process

Explore the surrogacy consultation process

Welcome to the world of surrogacy! You will start your CSP surrogacy consultation process by meeting with our expert team. We will provide you with options for an independent surrogacy attorney and a psychologist specializing in surrogacy. Bring all of your questions and ideas to your initial consultation, which will cover a wide range of topics.

  • CSP’s surrogacy options
  • Desired surrogate traits
  • Surrogate contact
  • Legal aspects of surrogacy
  • Financial considerations
  • Abortion and selective reduction

CSP offers parents two ways to meet with us for your consultation

Video consultations

To accommodate all parents, CSP’s video conference option allows for face-to-face interaction and provides a complete consultation experience from the comfort of your own home.
We do our best to ensure we bring our agency information to you completely via video conference.

It’s important that we speak or exchange emails with you before your consultation, so that we understand your situation and can tailor your consultation to best meet your needs.

For some parents, the expense of international travel prohibitively increases the costs associated with surrogacy, and a video conference consultation is a cost-effective alternative. Please note that due to time differences involved in international surrogacy, your video conference consultation may take place over a two-day time period.

CSP office consultations

We do believe that meeting face-to-face at our office allows all of us to get a better understanding of one another and permits a smoother flow of information. We encourage you to visit our office.

Full office consultations allow us to dive deeper into the CSP surrogacy process. This will involve our experts from the medical, legal, psychological and administrative fields. We would like the opportunity to explain these areas to you in depth, so that you get a more complete idea of what you are considering.

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