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Surrogate Pregnancy Process

Medical approval
IVF doctor completes final screening of surrogate and prepares for embryo transfer.
Complete legal contracts
Complete legal contracts between intended parents and surrogate. Discuss medical insurance for your newborn with your attorney.
Fund balance of trust account
Review your final cost sheet for expected expenses, and fund your trust account.
Embryo transfer
Your IVF clinic will work with CSP to organize the medical needs for a successful embryo transfer.
Whether it takes one or more embryo transfers, be ready to celebrate your surrogate’s positive pregnancy test. The second joyous phase of your journey to parenthood starts now!
Visit your surrogate
Coordinate your visit at your mid-pregnancy ultrasound. Plan to meet the doctor, tour the hospital, and research local accommodations for your stay after your baby is born.
Finalize parental rights
Work with your attorney to start the process of finalizing your parental rights. Get a referral to an attorney where your surrogate resides, if applicable. If international, ensure that passport requirements will be met.
Bring baby home
Arrive at least a few days before the anticipated birth of your baby. The length of your stay will depend on the health of your baby and U.S. passport requirements, if applicable.

Staying in contact with your surrogate

Our goal is to involve you as much as possible in the pregnancy.

You will stay in contact with your surrogate, communicating with her at least once every two weeks throughout the pregnancy, Most intended parents will attend at least two doctor’s visits, if possible, or speak to the surrogate’s physician on the phone. This is your child, and you have the right to have all your medical questions answered.

The process of establishing parental rights begins in the second trimester.

You will be present at the birth of your child. Typically, a baby will remain in the hospital for one day after birth. Once your baby is given a medical clearance, you will leave the hospital with your baby. Your attorney will help you get your baby’s birth certificate, and, if needed for international surrogacy, the baby’s passport.

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