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Surrogate Requirements Infographic

Surrogate Requirements

Becoming a surrogate mother requires a lot of compassion and a strong character. Here at CSP Inc., we help match intended parents so they can achieve their dream of parenthood through surrogacy. Here are some of the requirements we have of our surrogate moms.

The Ideal Age Range

The ideal age range for surrogate mothers is between 21 and 42. Although this is a wide range, the average surrogate mother we see typically is 29 or 30 years old.

Healthy and Active

Surrogate moms need to be healthy and not suffering from any chronic illness that would prevent them from becoming a surrogate. In addition, surrogates are required to be mentally and emotionally healthy and are psychologically screened by a mental health-care professional.

Good History of Pregnancy

We like to know that surrogate mothers have been able to carry a baby full-term and that their pregnancies have been without major incident. In order to qualify to become a surrogate mother, you will have had to have at least one other child of your own. Surrogacy is typically achieved through one of two programs, both of which involve in vitro fertilization (IVF). Find out more about these two programs as well as more details about the requirements in the infographic below.

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