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Parenting Later In Life

Can I still be a parent? Parenting later in life

Many couples who utilize fertility treatments, surrogacy and adoption are doing so because their own biology has prevented them from having their own child. This may be because someone is parenting later in life.

It’s true that younger parents may have more energy for getting up in the night and keeping up with their kids during the day. However, older parents have more experience and patience to offer their kids.

If your biological clock hasn’t allowed you to have kids until now, don’t despair. Here’s how your age can still be an advantage.

What your biological clock means

The ideal biological time for a human body to have a baby may be too early for the same person’s emotional and social readiness to have a child. And the biological and emotional readiness of men and women can also occur at dramatically different points in their lives.

A biological window of time exists between puberty and female menopause to have children. However, even during this window, some people experience infertility or other factors that do not allow them to conceive. For these individuals, surrogacy becomes an option.

If you’re in this category and are interested in parenting later in life, consider these assets your age gives you.

More emotional stability when parenting later in life

As you might guess, one of the biggest advantages of being an older parent is emotional stability. Older parents have had more time to think about and prepare for having kids. If you have experienced roadblocks, like infertility, then you may feel much more motivated to have kids.

Emotional stability benefits you as the parent, but it also benefits your child. Your difficulty will be remembering what it was like to be your kid’s age. But you also have the wisdom of being on the other side of those troubles. You can help your child see past their current problems and work through them. You are also more likely to be more patient, flexible and resilient to their tempers.

More intellectual growth

With experience and stability comes more wisdom. The truth is that older parents have had many opportunities to observe other parents and their parenting strategies. You already have many great ideas about what works in parenting, what doesn’t, and the type of parent you want to be.

Your wisdom not only makes you a more capable and understanding parent, but it can help your child develop a deeper, quicker intellect. It may be in the genes, but intelligence is also something that is nourished in a child, especially by a parent who practices critical thinking, problem solving, and patience.

Greater financial security

Being an older parent and having all of that experience makes it pretty likely that you’ve spent your time well learning and working. Older parents have more time to finish school, start their careers, and even experience a few job changes, promotions, and raises. Time and smart money-handling have made you a capable candidate to provide for a child. Having a baby itself can be very expensive, especially if you’ve had to undergo infertility treatments, adoption, or surrogacy. But once you take the baby home, the expenses only grow.

Being older also means that you’re more likely to have a house and a savings account. You’ve already got a place for the baby to live and a secure source of income for diapers, groceries, and clothes. You may have even started a college fund. Now that’s giving your child the edge when parenting later in life.

Living longer, staying young while parenting later in life

When you think of being an older parent, you may imagine yourself being too removed from your kids or looking much older than the parents of your child’s friends. While some of those thoughts may have some truth, you may find that your youth just extends over a longer period of time. You will feel younger while raising young kids, helping them work through social and emotional changes, trying to relate to them, and simply observing and playing with them. It will naturally bring out the kid in you, and remind you of simple pleasures that you can still enjoy. Embrace it! It may even motivate you to start an exercise program so that you can have more energy to keep up with your kid, which will do wonders to make you feel younger.

Your example will show your child how much you love to be a parent, how much you embrace the responsibility that comes with it, and how you allow yourself to age gracefully and vigorously. It will help them to adopt a similar lifestyle and may even help them live a longer, healthier life.

Every age has its advantages to being a parent, so don’t let age stop you. Becoming a parent, even an older one, can be the best thing you do for yourself and your kids. Contact us to learn about surrogacy.