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Surrogacy News for April

Surrogacy News for April

The Center for Surrogate Parenting, an Ovation® company, has been successfully working with international intended parents for decades and is excited to offer more services for our intended parents.

The journey through surrogacy in a different country can be exciting yet daunting, and it is our duty to assist our CSP intended parents to not only feel confident in their process, but to enjoy their surrogacy pregnancy.

CSP is working to extend our services outside the United States and is happy to introduce our French coordinator, Xavier Vanderberg. Xavier will be attending European surrogacy events when the time comes, and will work with our French-speaking intended parents to help extend our goal of transparency and inclusion. Xavier’s services, in addition to CSP’s longstanding history of experience with international surrogacy, will enable CSP to continue to offer the highest level of guidance with compassion.
CSP’s website now features content in English, Spanish, French and Chinese, to better assist individuals and couples in other countries when choosing a US surrogacy agency. Visit our new international pages to see what our French-speaking clients see when they visit the CSP website.

About 50% of CSP intended parents live outside the United States, and in our 41-year history, we have never had a family not able to bring their baby to their home country after delivery. Not only can CSP offer skilled guidance and management, but also peace of mind that all legal processes will be followed to ensure a streamlined journey home. We look forward to adding more services to CSP’s team in the future to ease international intended parents’ access to safe and fulfilling surrogacy journeys.