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Ready-To-Match Surrogates

The Center for Surrogate Parenting, an Ovation® company, prides itself on having match-ready surrogates available, so hopeful parents can choose their match before signing contracts. With CSP, intended parents never have to worry about screening multiple surrogates. All of our surrogate coordinators are former surrogates, providing a trusted point of contact throughout each surrogate’s journey – even after delivery.

Our surrogate screening process begins with an extensive written application and initial interview with the CSP team. The next phase of screening ensures that every potential CSP surrogate is physically and mentally ready to proceed with pregnancy.

  • OB records from previous pregnancies reviewed by medical professionals
  • Receive clearance from surrogate’s OB/GYN
  • Criminal background check on surrogate and partner
  • Driver’s license history
  • Psychological interview by an independent mental health professional with more than 20 years of experience in fertility and surrogacy, who will provide ongoing support for both surrogate and intended parents through the entire process and after delivery
  • Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), 16pf (16 personality factors) or other psychological testing
  • Stable home life and support system verified
  • Social disease testing for surrogate and partner (HIV, syphilis, hepatitis, CMV, chlamydia, drug screen, nicotine, alcohol)
  • Current pap and physical
  • Financial considerations agreed to prior to match; no payment changes after match
  • Insurance evidence of coverage; policy and exclusions reviewed by financial professional and an attorney

CSP offers 24/7 support for surrogates. Support group meetings are a great outlet for CSP surrogates to connect with each other. We love our CSP surrogates and really enjoy walking them through this amazingly rewarding experience.

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