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Refer a Friend to CSP-Shelly: A Gift for a Rainy Day

Refer a Friend to CSP – Shelly: A Gift for a Rainy Day
Shelly Marsh has experienced two wonderful surrogacy journeys, describing both as ‘flawless.’ However when she referred a friend to CSP, she wanted to make sure Susanna (not her real name) understood the possibility that not everything would go perfectly. “I was not going to refer just anyone to CSP; I wanted to refer someone who would have a successful journey,” explained Shelly. “My friend is a strong, independent and honest woman; these traits are important for building a good relationship with the intended parents and with the agency staff. A surrogate needs to be truthful with herself and with everyone around her because she will not always be in control. In the end, however, it will be okay.”

Shelly, who works in marketing for a fertility clinic, met Susanna because their husbands had been colleagues at the same company. Brian, Shelly’s husband, also played a key role in convincing Susanna’s spouse to support his wife’s decision. Shelly and Brian worked as a team to explain to the couple all the challenges of surrogacy, as well as the selling points that come with working with an experienced agency like CSP.

Once Susanna and her husband were ready, Shelly referred her to CSP in the early part of this year and Susanna already is far along in the first trimester of her pregnancy with twins. Her intended parents are an Australian couple with frozen embryos ready to be transferred, so her surrogacy journey was fast tracked.

Like most of the other CSP surrogates who have made referrals, Shelly views her referral bonus as icing on the cake. Though she does not know how she will use it, she is happy to save it for a rainy day.