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Selecting a Sperm Donor – What Traits to Consider

Selecting a Sperm Donor – What Traits to Consider
At CSP, Inc., we are with you every step of the way when it comes to all the elements of surrogacy. Whenever you need guidance or support, we are here for you. Once you have decided you need the help of a surrogate mother, the next step is to decide on a sperm donor for your child if you are a single mother or if you need a sperm donor for any other reason. This decision is very personal and in the end, it is all up to you. If you need help in figuring out which donor to choose, discuss the decision with your surrogacy counselor and consider these traits.

Medical History

Since you have the choice, it is important to choose a sperm donor with excellent medical history and who will give your child the best chance of growing up healthy and strong. Of course nothing is a guarantee, but you can afford to be very picky when it comes to choosing a sperm donor.

Physical Makeup

You will also have the chance to decide what kind of physical attributes you’d like your child to inherit. Race, height, eye color, and countless other traits are all things you will be able to choose from. One sperm donor may not have absolutely every physical attribute you are looking for, but your counselor can help you find the closest match and the best donor for you.

Areas of Interest/Talents

In addition to looks, there are many other factors to consider before making your choice. Things like artistic talent and other areas of interest can be passed down genetically.

While the process may seem overwhelming at first, start out by writing down the essential characteristics you want in a sperm donor and go from there. With so many choices, your surrogacy counselor will be able to help you navigate through this process and get you even closer to holding your precious baby in your arms.