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Support Your Pregnant Partner

3 Ways to Support Your Pregnant Partner
Pregnancy can bring a lot of changes into your relationship, but no matter how difficult things may get, it is important that you support your partner throughout the pregnancy. Here are 3 simple–but very important–ways you can support your pregnant partner.

Take on Extra Tasks

When your partner is pregnant, she will likely feel tired, achy, or even nauseous on many days. This can make it difficult for her to get regular tasks (such as cleaning the house) done. Pitch in and take on extra tasks whenever you can. It will give her more time to relax, and it will mean a lot to her too.

Just Listen

Your partner is going to be moody at times, and she’s going to want to complain about everything–her swollen feet, her nausea, her cravings, etc. Rather than rushing out and trying to fix everything she complains about, just sit and listen to her complaints. Sometimes she just needs to vent, and it helps to know that she has someone willing to listen to her.

Pamper Her

Many pregnant women become discouraged by the changes in their body. Of course, weight gain and stretch marks are a natural part of pregnancy, but still some are upset by these changes and can suffer from body image issues. You can help her overcome these issues by pampering her a little and showing her that she is still beautiful to you. Give her a foot rub every once in a while. Don’t skip your weekly date night. And of course, don’t forget to tell her how beautiful you think she is.

In these simple ways, you can support your pregnant partner and more fully enjoy this experience as a couple.