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Surrogacy and Medical Insurance

Surrogacy and Medical Insurance
When you become a surrogate mother, the last thing you should stress about is having to pay for proper medical insurance. If you are intended parents working with a surrogate mother to grow your family, you should also be able to have strong peace of mind that your surrogate has adequate maternity coverage. Learn about the medical insurance pillar of surrogacy and how it is handled by the CSP surrogacy program.

Surrogate Mothers

Before you can be officially approved and move on to meet your potential intended parents, you must complete a medical insurance review to make sure your policy would cover your surrogacy pregnancy. This does not mean you will have to pay anything out of pocket, either. If you have existing insurance, the coverage will be thoroughly reviewed to make sure it will cover you through the delivery. If there is a question, your policy will be changed to make sure you will be completely covered.

Even if you have no insurance at all before becoming a surrogate, our agency will assist you in applying for an appropriate policy. All the expenses for your maternity coverage will be taken care of for you. Nothing should come out of your pocket. You won’t have to worry about paying any co-pays, the deductible, monthly premiums, and everything in between as a surrogate mother.

Your complete compensation as a surrogate will be reduced if the intended parents pay your insurance premium for you. If you do pay for your insurance yourself, you will be compensated.

Baby/Expectant Parents

It is important that your baby has medical insurance as soon as he or she enters the world. If you are American intended parents, the baby will have whatever coverage you currently have. You will simply need to talk with your insurance company to make sure your baby can be added to your insurance policy upon birth.

If you are international intended parents, it may be more difficult to get coverage for your baby, but seasoned professionals are available to help you every step of the way. It is important that your baby has insurance right away, and we can help you get it!