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Surrogacy and Moving On From Infertility

Moving on from infertility and embracing surrogacy

Infertility is not uncommon. More than 7 million men and women experienced infertility this year. For hopeful parents moving on from infertility, they are seeking an infertility option that offers high success rates and is an alternative to adoption.

The struggles of infertility

For those who struggle with infertility, their lives may, at times, feel consumed by it. Age and overall health affect fertility, but in about 1/3 of those cases, no cause can be determined.

Some women may be able to conceive, yet are unable to carry the child to term. The loss of a child after a long series of treatments can be a devastating experience. However, the drive to become a parent is strong. Those who have devoted themselves to delivering a little one into their lives are determined to do so. Some hopeful parents withstand years of infertility treatments before seeking alternative ways to have a child. After all, parenthood is the ultimate gift, and nothing compares to its lifelong rewards.

Why not adoption?

Those who experience the highs and lows associated with infertility treatments are often asked, “Why not try adoption?” Adoption may be an excellent option for some. However, it does not offer the biological connection with a child that many intended parents who undergo fertility treatments are seeking. There are other options when moving on from infertility.

We understand moving on from infertility

At the Center for Surrogate Parenting, we understand the desire to build a family. After supporting parents through thousands of surrogacy births over the years, we understand the stress and devastation of failed fertility treatments.

We’ve also witnessed firsthand the lifelong gifts of surrogacy. In fact, we’ve witnessed the miracle of birth over 2,300 times over the last 37 years, and each and every birth is the result of the services we provide. It helps all parents moving on from infertility

Path to surrogacy when moving on from infertility

Surrogacy is a realistic means to start a family. Although the process may seem long, most intended parents achieve their dream of parenthood within 1 to 2 years. We start with the basics, which includes reviewing your infertility history. Our associated attorneys provide legal counseling and our associated counselors provide psychological counseling as needed. CSP provide a trust coordinator that will assist in setting up the surrogacy trust account. Next comes the most important part of the process, matching the intended parents with a surrogate mom. We take this process very seriously, and we’re proud of our success rate in the matches we help create.

The life of a child is a precious gift. Professional surrogacy offers renewed hope with high success rates to those who have struggled with infertility. At CSP, our team works tirelessly to provide a beautiful and rewarding surrogacy experience for everyone involved.