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Surrogacy Makes Single Parenthood Possible

Single parenthood – It’s not just two-parent families

Even though the majority of the country’s children live in two-parent homes, the number of single-parent homes is rising,. But it’s not only here in the U.S. that the number of non-traditional families is growing. The United Kingdom, Lithuania, France, and Denmark all show a higher number of single parenthood. The traditional family is changing and evolving beyond the notion that only two married, heterosexual parents can raise children responsibly, and provide a loving and healthy home life.

The right to remain single

Deciding on single parenthood no longer holds the same social stigma as it once did. Since 1970, there has been a trend for adults to put off starting a family to establish their careers. Some felt that marriage and family would eventually occur sometime down the road. However, for some singles, marriage didn’t happen. For others, marriage or a partnership was never a part of their plan for becoming a parent. And others say they don’t want to get married for the sole reason of becoming a parent.

According to a 2014 Pew report, one in four young adults will reach age 50 and will never have married. Studies show that singles are more inclined to be connected within their communities, to volunteer and to build a greater number of diverse relationships than married couples. Being single is a personal choice. CSP supports your choice to be a single parent. We advocate the rights of both single men and single women to create a family.

Single parenthood can be great

For nearly four decades, the Center for Surrogate Parenting has helped thousands of adults become parents. We support the right to achieve single parenthood.

It’s not about whether you are married or single, or whether you are gay or straight. We offer our services to adults who truly desire to become parents. We maintain high standards with confidential, responsible, and ethical practices. Our reputation for maintaining these principles has resulted in the successful and joyful creation of families around the globe.

Supporting your single parenthood goals

Surrogacy is a very personal experience that is based on establishing trusting relationships with not only CPS and the professionals who work with us, but with the surrogate mother as well. For us, the matching process is vital to the success of any surrogacy. We will match you with a surrogate mother who is like-minded and supportive of your goal of single parenthood. The woman who chooses to be your surrogate identifies with you and your story. She wishes to help you realize your dream of creating a family. For many of our parents, this is a very special and unique bond that extends beyond the birth of the child.

The role of a single parent can be challenging. Instead of two parents working together to meet the needs of a child, there will be one—you. Following the birth of your child, you will be legally recognized as the child’s parent. Although surrogacy is not a business arrangement, you should be prepared financially, emotionally, and physically for your new life. Our experienced and professional staff at CSP can answer questions you may have not only regarding the surrogacy process, but about planning for the future, too.

CSP is proud to have provided surrogacy services to a diverse array of people from countries all over the globe, with varying backgrounds, parenting goals, and lifestyles. Our programs offer a secure, safe and legal road to parenthood for those who are unable to have a child through traditional means. If you are considering surrogacy, let our highly experienced staff explain the process and answer your questions. We are here to help!