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Kelsey Grammer & Wife Become Parents Through A Surrogate Mother

Kelsey Grammer is a television star who can have just about anything he wants, but like thousands of other couples around the world, he and his wife Camille, were unable to conceive a child together. Camille suffers from a form of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which could present serious health risks if she attempted to give birth. They decided to turn to a surrogate mother to help them build their family.

After contacting the Center for Surrogate Parenting, Kelsey and Camille were introduced to a surrogate mother, Juliana. Despite the fact that Juliana had been a surrogate mother before, she was rescreened by the program. The Grammers also underwent psychological and medical screening. Psychological counseling continued for all parties throughout the pregnancy.

Julianna works as a nurse in Sacramento, and also has four of her own children. “I was immediately impressed that [Kelsey] wasn’t your typical Hollywood person,” says Julianna. ” He was very down to earth… like meeting your next door neighbor.” Julianna added, “I felt very relaxed with them. We decided at that first meeting that it was a go, that we would try for it.”

After a long period of taking injections, Camille’s body responded and produced several eggs. Her eggs were fertilized with Kelsey’s sperm and several embryos were created. The doctors place these embryos into Julianna’s womb and waited 10 days to know if the blood test would declare them pregnant.

The Grammers stayed in close contact with their surrogate mother throughout the pregnancy and attended almost all her obstetrician appointments. Julianna gave birth to their daughter, Mason Olivia, in 2001 and son, Jude Gordon, in 2004. Since then Julianna says she and the Grammers and the two other families she has had children for have all grown very close. She also says she regularly gets pictures of her surrogate children and that she stays in touch with all of them.