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Surrogacy: Why Ethics and Professionalism Are Important

Ethics, Professionalism, and Surrogacy
Families are one of the most important things in the world. As the backbone of society, families provide love, affection, commitment, and generally are a wonderful way to live. Most families have or want children, but some are unable to bring them into the world because of either infertility or the inability to carry a child naturally. Fortunately, surrogacy provides the ability to bring a child into the world with the genetics of the mother and/or the father.

We at the Center for Surrogate Parenting know that this is a wonderful chance to create a family for those who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity, but we also know that with surrogacy come ethical issues that are difficult to face unless you have the experience and ability to make the journey a safe and smooth one for all involved.

In the surrogacy industry, there is little room for error because life is the end-goal. We know that bringing a child into this world is a delicate process for both the surrogate and the intended parents. Because of that, we have established a sound, high-quality surrogacy program, giving everyone involved a sense of trust and meaning to their hard work, time, and money. Though surrogacy can sometimes seem to fall into an ethically gray area, we know our programs practices and components are ethical.

Phase 1

The first step of the process is one of the hardest steps to take, especially because we require our surrogates and our intended parents to be educated on the entire process before we agree to take them on as clients. We believe this is the most professional way to introduce families to the process of surrogacy because without the education we provide, there might be more problems down the road. In our required four hour consultation, you meet with a psychologist and an independent attorney, both of whom will help you throughout the process. Here are some of the topics covered: which program to participate in, characteristics wanted in the surrogate, termination and selective reduction, amount of contact with surrogate, legal aspects, financial considerations, and how to tell your child about his or her unique beginnings. We believe this is the best way to start off the beginnings of your family because we want to ensure that all expectations are met before and throughout the pregnancy, and that if anything goes wrong, we’ve discussed the possible outcome and solutions beforehand.

Phase 2

The second step of the process begins when you start preparation for matching a surrogate. One of the differences between our program and the next is the care we take in matching our intended parents to our surrogates, making sure that our intended parents get everything they want in a surrogate mother and vice versa. Through our process, we make sure that both parties get the opportunity to choose whom they want as a surrogate and whom they want as intended parents. Once the surrogate chooses her intended parents, her profile will be sent to the intended parents for review. Once the surrogate is chosen by the intended parents, the legal contracts are made for both the surrogate and the intended parents to protect both parties’ interests. We believe it is important to do it this way to make both parties comfortable with the proceedings and to ensure that professionalism pervades throughout the process.


Phase 3

After the legal and choosing processes are finished, the medical procedures begin. Throughout all of this, we ensure the best probability for implantation via professionalism and strict ethical practices. There are two different types of procedures, either in-vitro fertilization, which means that the mother and father’s sperm and egg are implanted in the surrogate, or the in-vitro fertilization with egg donation program, where the father’s sperm and an egg donor’s egg is used to create embryos that will be implanted in the surrogate.

Phase 4

After the pregnancy is confirmed, the process is officially in motion! Most intended parents are very involved in the pregnancy, and stay in contact with the surrogate often. We believe this is the best way to stay involved in your child’s growth and feel connected to your child. Most intended parents will also want to attend the doctor’s visits as well, especially when they are able to see their child, or hear his or her heartbeat. And, naturally, the intended parents are present at the birth after the process of establishing parental rights has finished. Once the baby is cleared to leave, the intended parents will leave the hospital with the newborn.

Our process is tried and true. Not only do we know that our process is ethical in treating both parties respectfully, arming them with as much information as possible, but we take care to handle every step of the process in a professional manner as well. Throughout the 30-plus years we have been in business, and the over 2,200 babies we’ve brought into this world, we’ve had the opportunity to witness miracles with our clients, being deeply touched by the families that have been created. With our opportunity to bring the first child of gay parents into this world through surrogacy, we know what it means to do it the right way. And with the precedence of taking care of our clients, our surrogates, and our employees, we know that anyone considering surrogacy would be happy with our surrogacy agency’s help in creating one of the most precious things in life: a child. Learn more about CSP at