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At CSP, we believe the definition of surrogacy is simple: it is a beautiful way to create families for intended parents who otherwise could not have their own family. Many intended parents in today’s world are still unable to have children, even with modern medical science. They may be ready to become parents and even long for children, but cannot do so for reasons out of their control. Through the help of a surrogate, these intended parents can finally realize their dream of becoming parents. By using a surrogate, intended parents can still be biologically related to the child while allowing another person to carry the baby through pregnancy.

How It Works

Surrogacy at CSP

There are various types of surrogate programs, depending on the needs of the intended parents and the surrogate mother. Most intended parents desire that at least one of them, if not both, be biologically related to the baby. We can use the egg of the intended mother, the sperm of the intended father, or both, depending on the situation. The fertilized embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother for the pregnancy term. You can also choose from several donor options for your surrogate pregnancy: an anonymous egg donor, an anonymous sperm donor, or artificial insemination using the surrogate mother's egg.

Rewarding Benefits

Surrogacy is an emotional and personal process for both intended parents and surrogate mothers. At CSP, we help the intended parents and the surrogate mother to have a rewarding experience. Surrogate mothers have a strong desire to help intended parents experience the joy of having children. At CSP, surrogates can choose the intended parents they wish to work with and meet with them in person. Surrogate mothers and intended parents stay in contact throughout the pregnancy and most form a lasting, rewarding bond. At CSP, we also encourage you to keep in touch after birth by sharing pictures, letters, and stories. The surrogacy experience can lead to a lifelong friendship as well as cherished family relationships. CSP believes creating families is an awe-inspiring process and we love to be a part of it.

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