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Access Your CSP Surrogate Portal

Access your CSP surrogate portal

At our national surrogacy agency, we support each surrogate every step of the way, providing all the information and help you need to ensure a successful experience as a gestational surrogate.

As a CSP surrogate, you will have access to our extensive surrogate management system through a dedicated portal designed just for you. With her own dedicated portal, each CSP gestational surrogate is empowered to track and manage her own surrogacy process.

Once you are logged into your portal, you can:

  • Create and view your surrogate application
  • Upload medical invoices and expense receipts for quick reimbursement
  • Find contact information for your dedicated CSP team
  • Review your contracts, parents’ information, medical records, travel arrangements and more
  • Use a handy checklist to track your progress through the process
  • Access tips for various stages of pregnancy

To explore your CSP portal, start with the Surrogate Main Menu page.