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Talking About Surrogacy With Your Partner

How to Talk about Surrogacy with Your Partner

Deciding to build your family is a big deal, one that you and your partner have talked about extensively. While you’re both in agreement that you’re ready to raise a child, as a gay couple it can be difficult to decide on what the next step should be. Talking about surrogacy with your partner can be an intense discussion. Here are a few ideas to get the conversation going.

The Right Time

If you haven’t brought up surrogacy in past discussions, it can be daunting to know when to talk to your partner about it. Thoughtfully consider when they would be most receptive to this idea. Your partner is most likely going to respond in a similar way to how you bring it up. So if you bring it up casually, chances are that they will reply casually. If you’re feeling nervous about this discussion, they’re going to pick up on that as well. While this is a big discussion, do your best to start the conversation on a positive note, and your partner should follow suit.

Be Patient

For some gay couples, the decision to choose surrogacy over adoption can be a big one. If your partner isn’t receptive to the idea, be patient. They may just need some time to think it over. Give them a few days to think about it and then bring it up again. Now that the surprise has worn off, you might find that they are more receptive to it.