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Hilary Hanafin


Since 1983, Dr. Hanafin’s has counseled people struggling with infertility, surrogate mothers, egg donors and birth mothers.

Dr. Hanafin’s practice is primarily focused on surrogacy and the psychological aspects of third-party reproduction. Dr. Hanafin is the managing counselor for the counseling team, Counseling Associates. She oversees the matching process of surrogate mothers and intended parents from the Center for Surrogate Parenting. The counseling team works with over 90 surrogate mothers and has counseled over a thousand surrogate mothers.

Hilary Hanafin, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist. She graduated cum laude from Occidental College. She is a member of the American Psychological Association and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Dr. Hanafin lectures across the country regarding the psychological aspects of surrogate parenting. Dr. Hanafin’s doctoral dissertation is entitled, ‘The Surrogate Mother: An Exploratory Study’, and she presented ‘Surrogate Mothers: Reassessing Human Bonding’ at the 1987 American Psychological Association convention. She continues to collect testing and interview data on women who participate in third party reproduction. She collaborates and assists researchers on projects addressing the long-term effects of surrogacy. Dr Hanafin has written textbook chapters that educate mental health professionals in the field of third-party reproduction.