Center for Surrogate Parenting

Nate Snyder

President and Chief Executive Officer

President and CEO Nate Snyder’s Vision for Integrated IVF Care

Driving change in advanced reproductive technology and enlisting reproductive medicine’s top talent is a dream come true for Nate Snyder, who serves as CSP’s president and chief executive officer and is co-founder and CEO of Ovation® Fertility, CSP’s parent company.

With nearly 20 years of tech and healthcare experience, Nate has a unique understanding of intended parents’ need for solid support and access to skilled people and advanced science to create a smooth and successful surrogacy journey. In 2019, he led Ovation’s acquisition of CSP, fulfilling a vision to expand Ovation’s services and help more people create their families. Adding a nationwide surrogacy agency to Ovation’s growing stable of IVF-related services was a natural next step, as many people who need surrogacy can also benefit from Ovation’s donor eggs and egg freezing programs.

Together, Ovation and CSP now offer intended parents a full range of services, fulfilling Nate’s vision of a single, integrated resource to help intended parents realize their dream of creating their own families their way.

Decades of medical leadership

As Ovation CEO, Nate partners with the world’s most respected fertility physicians and scientists to build a nationwide network of leading-edge in vitro fertilization (IVF) and genetic testing laboratories. His goal is to reduce the cost of a live birth, and ultimately IVF expenses, by adopting highly efficient and effective treatment standards that produce the most viable embryos and healthy babies, one baby at a time.

Prior to co-founding Ovation Fertility and leading the acquisition of our nationwide surrogacy, Nate partnered with physicians from multiple specialties to build, own and operate outpatient surgery centers across Southern California. As a member of a small team of professionals, Nate led the recruitment effort, created the business case and secured funding to develop a multi-specialty outpatient surgery center in Santa Barbara.

Nate is also a co-founder of Redyns Medical, a medical-device design and development company. Along with his father, Dr. Stephen Snyder, and George Rohlinger, Nate designed, developed and licensed medical products that have been sold in 60 countries. Nate is the lead inventor on three medical device patents, including United States Patent 8,388,654: Method and Apparatus for Attaching Soft Tissue to Bone, which was licensed to the world’s largest orthopedic company. Through Redyns Medical, Nate assisted physicians on product development, including intellectual property protection, regulatory requirements and monetization strategies; and in return secured meaningful ownership interests in several technologies, with more than $25 million of invested capital.

Nate was an early employee and served key roles at online giant Connexity (formerly As a member of the research group, he designed custom analytic surveys and launched syndicated market research reports. As a co-founder of the online marketing group, Nate helped develop the company’s direct-email marketing program that grew into the company’s third largest revenue stream and most profitable division.

Nate earned a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, and a Master of Business Administration degree in the Health Care Management Program and Entrepreneurial Management Program at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Named an EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® in 2019, he actively supports the next generation of entrepreneurs through volunteer work at Harvard-Westlake High School in Los Angeles. He is a co-founder of the school’s Business and Entrepreneurship Alumni Network and volunteers time teaching entrepreneurship to high school seniors. Nate resides in Los Angeles with his wife and three children.