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The Changing Family Dynamic – Surrogacy’s Role

Redefining the surrogacy’s role in the family

Thanks to innovative, modern medical technologies like IVF and surrogacy, many families have experienced the joys of children where they otherwise might not have ever existed. CSP is proud to be part of the changing family dynamic. We offer surrogacy to singles and couples who cannot conceive a child by other means. Let’s explore surrogacy’s role.

Gradual changes in the family dynamic

Years ago, if a couple was unable to conceive a child naturally, their options were adoption or a future without children. Over time, we have seen a gradual increased awareness surrounding issues of infertility.

Scientists and doctors began exploring infertility and in vitro fertilization in the 1960s. They eventually had the first confirmed IVF conception in 1978. This was a major breakthrough at the time. Since then, IVF has become a common procedure, allowing millions of babies to be born to parents.

This statement is now becoming increasingly true for same-sex couples and single intended parents. In the past couple of decades, CSP has been part of a movement to alter family dynamics in a way that allows for a very diverse family makeup. This is part of surrogacy’s role.

An ideal family and surrogacy’s role

Society’s idea of the “ideal” family has also been changing over the years. More than 50 years ago, most communities upheld the traditional definition of a family as a mother, a father, and the children conceived naturally in that relationship. Times changed, with more women being single mothers and some men being single fathers. Infertile couples began to share their stories and break through the stigma of being childless. LGBT individuals and couples began to speak out for their rights.

Fortunately, medical advancements are keeping pace with the needs and desires of these brave people. Adoption is an expensive and complicated option that is simply not possible for many couples or singles. Surrogacy is a more reachable option for many infertile and LGBT couples who wish to have families.

As a leading surrogacy agency, CSP supports and embraces all of these parents. The surrogacy program at CSP includes many diverse individuals and couples who wish to create their own families based on love. The surrogacy program at CSP is something we are able to offer to gay or straight parents. If you’re interested in surrogacy, rest assured that CSP is a world-class surrogacy agency with over 37 years of experience.

How surrogacy creates new families

IVF and surrogacy both play a huge role in assisting intended parents. IVF (in vitro fertilization) refers to the process of taking eggs from the female and sperm from the male. Then in a medical lab, technicians fertilize the egg with the sperm. Once conception is successful, the fertilized egg is now an embryo. A doctor then transfers the embryo to the womb of the woman who will carry the child to term.

In cases where an infertile couple uses IVF, the egg of the mother and the sperm of the father are used in IVF. In other instances, a mother may not be able to produce an egg, a father may not be able to produce sperm, or the mother may not be able to carry a pregnancy due to a medical reason. Surrogacy can fill the void in any of these situations. Egg donation is available for those requiring it. Once the egg donation or ED is complete, a doctor will create the embryos using the intended father’s sperm or donor sperm (as needed). For gay men or a heterosexual couple, the surrogate mother plays a vital role in the creation of their family.

Additionally, in gay relationships, surrogacy’s role is the only way to achieve the birth of a biological child. CSP is thrilled to have helped many singles and couples both gay and straight from many different countries around the globe. Each family is unique and wonderful! The process is amazing and rewarding for us as well for the parents and surrogates. Let CSP be a part of your surrogacy journey!