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The CSP Newsletter Shares Joy

The CSP Newsletter Shares Joy
When becoming a parent is a dream that, for many, can’t become a reality through the most traditional means, there’s another option available. At the Center for Surrogate Parenting, we create families with children who are conceived first in the hearts and minds of their parents. We rejoice in helping families grow, and we love sharing the stories of those we help. We’ve shared in the love stories of more than 2,600 babies and their families since we launched our service in 1980.

We share many of those successes in the CSP Newsletter. Available several times a year, these newsletters are an invaluable source of reliable information about the surrogacy process and CSP, our surrogacy agency. Each issue is packed with some of the nitty-gritty details of surrogacy, like things to know about insurance or legal issues related to the process. The newsletter provides a little bit of our history; for example, we helped 86 couples become parents in 2009, and our surrogates gave birth to 97 babies that year, including 75 singletons and 22 twins!

The newsletters are also a little bit of a celebration for the families we’ve been able to assist. In each newsletter, we highlight some of the couples who have successfully realized their dreams of becoming parents. These are largely love stories, and our newsletter allows readers to share in the overwhelming joy of these new parents.

Readers also get to meet many of the surrogate mothers who have allowed love and joy to grow within them. These amazing women are an inspiration because they live their lives helping others. We love getting to share their tales.

For CSP and many of our clients, the newsletter is more than just informational, though that’s a big part of the newsletter, too. We want our clients and prospective clients to understand that we are experienced and well-qualified to assist them on their journeys to grow their families. Perhaps most importantly, we like sharing the joy.

If you are interested in becoming a surrogate mother, considering surrogacy to grow your family, or just enjoy reading stories filled with hope, check out our CSP Newsletter