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The Expert Staff Members at CSP

Fay Johnson

The Expert Staff Members at CSP
For the vast number of couples struggling with reproductive challenges today, the miracle of surrogacy has become their solution. The surrogacy process is a very personal and rewarding experience and its success depends on the care and expertise of the surrogacy team. This is why at the Center for Surrogate Parenting, we insist on keeping the highest-quality individuals on our staff to assist people from all over who have the dream of having a child.

A World-Renowned Reputation

At CSP, we pride ourselves on our high level of service that our intended parents and surrogates receive from every staff member, all the way through upper management, case managers, program administrators, medical administrators, trust coordinators, and more. The main reason we maintain our position as the most successful and effective surrogacy agency is because every member of our staff is continually working towards the same goal: bringing children into loving homes and creating families all across the country.

A Shared Bond

What makes us the obvious choice for surrogacy? Not only does everyone here care for both their work and the individuals involved in the surrogacy process, but a portion of our staff has also been involved in the process on a personal level. Over the years, many who work at CSP have been surrogates or have had a child through the use of a surrogate and therefore understand firsthand what is involved on both sides of the equation. These incredible experiences benefit every intended parent that steps foot into our office because there’s a shared understanding for how it feels to undergo the process of bringing a child into the world via surrogacy. Simply put, there are no better hands to be placed in than those that understand exactly what you’re going through.

An All-Encompassing Experience

When it comes to surrogacy, we understand how daunting the process may seem at times. That’s why the job of our staff members is to make sure that you are fully informed, comfortable, and helped with every step in the journey towards parenthood, including areas such as legal, medical, and emotional care. Whatever your question or concern may be, our team can help.