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The Growth of Single Fathers and Surrogacy

The Rise of Single Fathers and Surrogacy

The traditional view of surrogacy has long been that of an infertile couple who are unable to get pregnant after exhausting other means.  While those couples remain a large part of surrogacy, they’re far from the only ones who opt for surrogates. Others who use surrogates include couples with children who want to have another child, but cannot risk a pregnancy because of medical issues. Still others include same-sex couples who cannot produce a child through biological means but want to raise a child in a loving home. It also includes single parents who want to give their love and a good home to a child. In fact, there has been in an increase in single fathers and surrogacy.

The last of those is a newer trend. More single men are choosing to follow their hearts and have a child while they have the energy to have fun with him or her. Gender stereotypes are changing in the United States. What was once thought of as a pipe dream for these men is now becoming a reality for them through single dad surrogacy.

Successful men want to be fathers

What these men have in common is that they’ve managed to land well-paying jobs and create a stable life for themselves. However, they haven’t found the right person with whom they want to share their life. Many men don’t want to hold off on their dream to become fathers. Instead, these men want to take part in single dad surrogacy now. They can find the perfect partner after they’ve made their parenting dream a reality. This is one reason there’s been an increase in single fathers and surrogacy.

Single fathers ans surrogacy – Trends across the world

Surrogacy is not available in China. Many Asian countries that either allowed or once allowed surrogacy no longer allow international surrogate pregnancies within their borders. Instead, Chinese men are working with surrogates in the United States. They know they’ll get a quality surrogate without breaking laws in either their country or the U.S. Furthermore, they know that they’ll be accepted regardless of status and orientation, as long as there’s no doubt they’re creating a loving and accepting home of their own for the child.

Single fathers and surrogacy – Making It work for your family

It’s almost hard to believe that some things that are now commonly taken for granted simply weren’t the case 20 years ago. Back then, the idea of a single father was extremely rare. However, recent strides in mindsets have cleared the way for single fathers and surrogacy.

Here at CSP, we understand the needs of both parents and children. We consider it an honor to bring all parents together with the right surrogate for them so that they can produce a child who has a bright future. We welcome those men who choose the path of single dad surrogacy and know that they’re ready to do whatever it takes to make the life of their child the best it can be. Contact us to learn more about single fathers and surrogacy.