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The History of Surrogacy

The History of Surrogacy
Gestational surrogacy in the United States has only occurred since the 1980s, and we at CSP have been there every step of the way by providing a professional, safe process for all intended parents and surrogate mothers.

Medical Ground Breaking

The idea of surrogacy is believed to have existed since Babylonian times, but it wasn’t until 1944 that the first human ovum was fertilized outside of the womb by John Rock, a Harvard Medical School professor. The first baby born from an in-vitro fertilization procedure was born in 1978.

The first official surrogacy contract in the U.S. was written in 1976, which did not involve any financial compensation for the surrogate mother. In 1980, a woman carried out the first paid surrogacy arrangement. The surrogate mom was a 37-year old woman and she delivered a healthy baby boy. Also in 1980, Bill Handel, the President of CSP, started the practice of surrogacy through his law office. He went on to form the Center for Surrogate Parenting, LLC, in 1986.

Becoming More Mainstream

While surrogacy was becoming more mainstream in the U.S., it carried with it a negative stigma and several surrogate mothers were famously reluctant to part with the children they carried.

At CSP, we understand the sensitivity of surrogacy and that becoming a surrogate mother is a very personal decision that should be made very carefully. We are very thorough with our screening process and we are associated with doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, and attorneys who are the best in the world.

CSP History

CSP is unique when it comes to surrogacy, because we have a special team that is involved with each and every surrogacy from beginning to end. CSP history goes back to the 80s, helping parents all over the world receive the best gift in existence.

Whether you want to become a surrogate mother to help give someone the gift of a baby, or you are intended parents longing for a baby of your own, CSP will be able to help you at every step as a worldwide leader in the field of surrogacy.