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The Pitfalls of Independent Surrogacy

Independent surrogacy versus working with an agency

Surrogacy is a complex, intricate maze of legal, ethical and practical decisions. With careful planning and attention to detail, surrogacy will result in the creation of a family. Unlike traditional family planning, surrogacy coordinates extra steps to protect all parties. Each person involved in the process has a role, and each role is crucial to the success of the surrogacy. However, many families attempt independent surrogacy. An independent surrogacy occurs privately between the surrogate mother and the parents. There is no agency that assists with the process.

Reasons why some consider independent surrogacy

There are many reasons why those who hope to become parents consider independent surrogacy.

  • Cost: An independent surrogacy may seem less expensive during an initial overview of the costs. However, it often fails to take legal fees, medical testing, and other miscellaneous expenses into account.
  • Privacy: Some parents prefer that their surrogacy process remains private. However, professional agencies ensure privacy.
  • Family member is the surrogate: Sometimes, a family member volunteers to serve as the surrogate. In these cases, the parents feel comfortable with the independent surrogacy route.
  • Control: In other situations, parents prefer more control over the surrogacy process. However, agencies don’t rule over the surrogacy. They offer guidance and support, and personalize the surrogacy to your expectations and needs.
  • Traditional surrogacy: The parents may be seeking a traditional surrogacy, which uses the surrogate’s own eggs. The surrogate mother then carries the child. Traditional surrogacy is rare and most agencies do not offer it.

Drawbacks of independent surrogacy

Surrogacy results in human being, and there are important decisions to make before the child arrives. The most important drawback of an independent arrangement is the lack of a support system that looks out for the best interests of everyone. These situations often lack an experienced and knowledgeable support system, which we’ve found is crucial to a successful surrogacy.

  • Drawbacks for the surrogate: The surrogate should have certain protections in a legally binding surrogacy contract, including compensation, insurance coverage, reimbursement for expenses related to the pregnancy, and specifics of the surrogacy. Additionally, there may be a lack of knowledgeable support and guidance during the process that a surrogacy agency could provide. Offering your services through an internet ad leaves you vulnerable to the possibility of exploitation.
  • Drawbacks for the parents: You’ve read the stories. Unscrupulous attorneys, unenforceable legal contracts, and surrogates who had a change of heart and decided not to go through with the surrogacy. Finding the right match is key to a successful surrogacy. Surrogacy agencies are experienced in finding the right match between parents and surrogate.

What an experienced surrogacy agency can offer

Consider a surrogacy agency your safety net. In our 37-year history, CSP has learned the importance of building relationships with the surrogate, the parents, and those who will serve as support systems. We provide pertinent and crucial information for all aspects of the surrogacy.

Here are some additional services an experienced surrogacy agency provides:

  • Some states are favorable surrogacy states. Others, like Arizona, do not allow surrogacy contracts at all. Surrogacy contracts in some states, like Indiana, are considered void and unenforceable. An experienced surrogacy agency such as CSP works with the world’s leading legal experts and knows these laws.
  • Compensation must be ethical. For example, surrogates must not be accepting any type of government assistance. This ensures the surrogate is offering her services not just for financial compensation.
  • Matching services are an important step in the surrogacy process. They take into account the preferences and backgrounds of both the parents and the surrogate.
  • There is a high demand for surrogacy services for LGBTQ parents to create a family. CSP is proud to have been a part of the surrogacy experience for gay couples and individuals who dreamed of becoming parents, dating back to 1987.
  • Because there are expenses associated with surrogacy, some agencies like CSP have connections that offer financing to help with the costs.

Choosing the best surrogacy option is one of the most important decisions parents can make. Research your options before committing to an agency. Professional surrogacy agencies should be open to your questions and concerns. Contact us to learn more.