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LGBTQ Parents – The Right to Have a Child Regardless of Sexual Orientation

CSP helps LGBTQ parents grow their families

There were few options in the past for LGBTQ parents to share a genetic link with their child. However, technological advances allow both straight and LGBT couples or individuals to have more family-building options than ever before. The Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP) is proud to help parents welcome children, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Dedicated to the rights of LGBTQ parents

We recognize the right of every adult to become a parent, regardless of sexual orientation or relationship status. CSP’s history reflects our dedication to providing ethical and compassionate LGBTQ surrogacy services. In 1989, we helped our first same-sex couple achieve their dreams of becoming the parents of a healthy child. Since that time, we’ve continued that legacy for LGBTQ parents.

Medical necessity

Before entering into a surrogacy agreement with any couple or individual, CSP requires documented proof of medical necessity. Surrogacy is a complex process. Despite the fact that more than 50,000 healthy children are born each year through this option, it is closely monitored for ethical and legal issues.

The agreement and subsequent medical treatments must meet a wide variety of legal requirements that protect everyone involved. Most fertility doctors will only work with people who have an identifiable medical reason for turning to surrogacy.

Before accepting individuals or couples as clients, CSP asks them for information regarding their reproductive background, including IVF attempts and other details about their fertility  challenges. We’ve found this approach protects everyone and allows us to not only maintain our ethical and legal obligations to all parties.

Gay parenting

The options for gay men to become parents are generally adoption or surrogacy. In many ways, surrogacy is a more emotionally satisfying experience than adoption. Not only does surrogacy allow for a biological connection to the child, it allows the parents an opportunity to be involved in the pregnancy from the very beginning.

Conceiving a child is not medically possible for a male individual or a gay couple without some type of medical intervention. A female must serve as an egg donor and the LGBTA parents must undergo IVF. CSP has decades of experience resulting in successful same-sex surrogacy experiences for gay individuals and couples alike.

Lesbian individuals and couples

We welcome the opportunity to provide surrogacy for lesbian couples. For acceptance into the CSP surrogacy program, both women must show an inability to conceive or to carry a child to term. If only one of the women is infertile, there are other options available for the couple to achieve pregnancy, so they would not meet our requirement of medical necessity.

Individuals who identify as a lesbian and cannot conceive due to a documented history of reproductive health issues meet the CSP medical necessity requirement.

Lesbian couples or individuals in the CSP surrogacy program undergo the same screenings as straight, gay, or transgender couples and individuals. After the screenings, you get matched with a surrogate. We support each step of the surrogacy from the sperm donor selection to the birth of your child.


For individuals who identify as transgender and wish to enlist our surrogacy services, we are happy to help. We understand your transition carries complex medical and psychological factors. We work with the world’s leading medical and psychological professionals.

Some transgender couples or individuals choose to freeze their eggs or sperm before the transition procedures begin. Because hormone therapy is also a part of transition, we advise additional medical advice.

Our case management professionals and medical consultants will work with you to find any options that may offer solutions for your fertility challenges in a confidential and compassionate way. We can help you determine whether you meet our medical necessity guidelines.

Our goal for LGBTQ parents

The CSP goal is not to exclude parents, but to ensure everyone has a secure and joyous surrogacy experience.

We offer our services to parents of any sexual orientation and welcome their questions regarding the surrogacy process. We provide private consultations for those who aren’t sure if they meet our guidelines and offer pertinent, non-judgmental answers. If you are considering surrogacy, we invite you to contact us.