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The Truth About Surrogacy

The Truth About Surrogacy
If you are a woman, chances are you have always had a desire to have children, but what happens the day that you find out your body can’t carry a child? The devastation would set in immediately. When it is something you have completely longed for, it feels like your dreams have been ripped apart. Technological advances have allowed other women to act as a surrogate for intended parents to bring their own ray of sunshine into the world.

There are many myths about how the process throughout surrogacy actually works. There may be fears that the surrogate mother won’t want to give away the child after going through the entire process. When the contracts are set up in the beginning, there is a clear explanation as to what the role of the surrogate mother is during this process. She understands that any sort of breach of the contract will immediately involve legal action.

In the beginning, when intended parents decide to have surrogacy be the option they use, it’s recommended for them to find an agency to work with that has a long history of matching intended parents with surrogate moms resulting in a positive outcome. The process of surrogacy is just that, a process. Considerations include, acquiring a suitable surrogate mother, having an experienced team of professionals to work with is crucial, including attorneys, psychologists, doctors and trust administrators who will disburse the necessary funds. Surrogacy can provide an opportunity for one or both parents to be genetically related to the child, by creating embryos and then having them implanted into the surrogate mother.

Remember, surrogacy varies legally from country to country and state to state. Having a qualified team of professionals to guide you through the surrogacy process proves invaluable. Matching intended parents with surrogate moms is what the Center for Surrogate Parenting, LLC has been doing successfully for over 36 years. We are professionally comfortable with the surrogacy process and it is our job to guide you through this wonderful and important process. Creating families is what we do best!