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Parenting for Gay Men Using Surrogacy

Gay men using surrogacy to build families

For gay parents, surrogacy opens up the possibility of bringing a child into the world who shares their DNA. With the June 2015 U.S. Supreme Court ruling supporting gay marriage, the demand for parenting options for gay men using surrogacy has increased.

As far back as 1989, when the Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP) helped our first gay couple become parents, we’ve provided professional support for those who would otherwise not be able to start their families. We support the right for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, to become parents.

Dispelling myths about gay men using surrogacy

Opponents of gay rights argue that same sex marriages will cause negative effects in the children raised in those homes. However, numerous scientific studies have found no evidence to support that claim. Most researchers overwhelmingly agree that sexual orientation of the parents doesn’t prevent a child from growing up well-adjusted and happy. It’s all about good parenting.

Varying U.S. laws

Laws allowing surrogacy arrangements for gay parents vary across the U.S. Some states such as Utah allow same-sex surrogate parentage, but they also have stipulations against singles becoming parents through surrogacy. California has some of the most surrogacy-friendly laws in the country, permitting both gay parents to be the parents on the birth certificate. The state where the child is born is the law that prevails. Washington, D.C, New York, Michigan and Nebraska are considered unfriendly states when it comes to surrogacy.

Professional service for gay men using surrogacy

A successful surrogacy experience requires several steps, including full background and medical screenings for the parents and the surrogate. At CSP, our policy is to only accept surrogates who are financially self-sufficient.

It is also important to match gay parents to a surrogate mother who supports gay parenting rights. CSP has a high surrogacy success rate because we take the matching process very seriously.

Support organizations for gay men using surrogacy

Throughout the country, there are activist organizations, support groups and institutions supporting gay parenting rights. Annual seminars and conferences, such as the Men Having Babies Surrogacy Conference, bring together gay parents with surrogacy providers. For those considering surrogacy, these gatherings are a way to gain the knowledge needed for a successful surrogacy.

Financial assistance

CSP offers financing for surrogacy through three different companies that work within the fertility industry. Professional, reputable services create a strong foundation for a memorable and beautiful surrogacy. If you are a gay parent considering surrogacy, please contact us.