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Become a Florida Surrogate

Become a Florida surrogate at CSP and help create families

When you become a Florida surrogate, you’re able to make dreams come true for men and women. Not everyone is able to carry a pregnancy, but that doesn’t diminish their desire to have a child. You can partner with the Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP) to make their dreams come true. To thank you, you’ll receive generous compensation and eternal gratitude.

Another way that we’ll thank you for becoming a surrogate is by providing exceptional support and care during your journey. As a CSP surrogate, you’ll receive world-class medical and legal services. We’ll also connect you with counselors and local support groups.

  • Studying the process of becoming a surrogate

    The first step of becoming a surrogate is to apply online with CSP. Our caring team will make sure the process proceeds at a pace you feel comfortable with. You can also be confident that your journey to become a Florida surrogate will include these steps.

    • Meet a case manager for screening after applying to CSP
    • Review a list of hopeful parents to pick your favorite
    • Visit a fertility doctor for the embryo transfer after medical screening
    • Attend fertility doctor appointments for 10 weeks and then start going to an OB

    We are most excited for you to experience the final step of the process. Our surrogates all treasure the moment when they can place the precious baby in their hopeful parents’ arms. Your journey with CSP doesn’t stop here though. We’ll continue to support you during the coming months and years.

  • Become a Florida surrogate and experience these benefits

    The biggest reward for our surrogate is knowing they helped to change the life of a family. CSP will also provide you with generous compensation to become a Florida surrogate. The amount you can earn increases after completing your first successful surrogate pregnancy. You and your family can use this money in any way you see fit.

    Our surrogacy agency wants to make sure you have the best care as a surrogate. To make this possible, we’ll connect you with experienced doctors and counselors, all at no charge to you. We’ll also make sure you have legal support and insurance coverage.

    Are you still interested in becoming a surrogate? Contact our surrogacy agency to learn more about how to start the process with CSP.

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