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Become a Georgia Surrogate

Your journey to become a Georgia surrogate starts at CSP

If you’ve always wanted to give back by becoming a surrogate, now is the time. The Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP) can guide you as you become a Georgia surrogate. Not only will you help hopeful parents create families, you’ll also have their gratitude forever. Additionally, you’ll earn money that can change life for you and your family. This is truly a life-changing journey.

When you work with our surrogacy agency, you will be in good hands. CSP is the world’s oldest surrogacy agency. You’ll have this team of knowledgeable and caring experts by your side. We’ll also connect you with medical, psychological and legal professionals to make your surrogacy journey a smooth one. In addition, you’ll know that you made parenthood possible for hopeful parents.

  • A list of steps for becoming a surrogate with CSP

    Your first official step to becoming a surrogate is applying online. From this point forward, our surrogacy agency will ensure the experience moves at a pace that feels comfortable to you. You can expect your journey with CSP to include the following steps.

    • Attend a screening meeting with one of our case managers after applying.
    • Review our hopeful parents and select the family you want to help.
    • Undergo an embryo transfer after getting medical clearance.
    • Visit a fertility doctor for 10 weeks for monitoring and then move to an OB.

    We think your favorite moment will be after you deliver the bundle of joy for your hopeful parents. You can then place the baby in their arms to officially make them parents. After the baby’s birth, your journey with CSP isn’t over. Our team will continue to support you in the months and years to come.

  • What are the benefits when you become a Georgia surrogate?

    Becoming a surrogate is life-changing in so many ways. You’ll receive generous compensation that you can use to make dreams come true for you and your family. After completing your first surrogate pregnancy, you can receive even greater compensation if you decide to experience the joy of surrogacy again. In addition to the money, you’ll also receive a sense of fulfillment for helping to create a family.

    When you become a Georgia surrogate, you can also count on receiving exceptional medical care and legal services. Our surrogacy agency will make sure you have access to support groups and counseling to help you through the journey.

    If you’re ready to become a surrogate, CSP can help you. Contact the team at our surrogacy agency and we’ll guide you through this exciting process.

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