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Become a Minnesota Surrogate

When you become a Minnesota surrogate you can change lives

If you enjoy helping others and want to change lives, you might want to become a Minnesota surrogate. The Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP) is always looking for surrogates in “The North Star State.” Nothing is more beautiful than helping to create a family. To thank you for this act of service, you’ll receive generous compensation and gratitude.

Our caring surrogacy agency team will support you throughout this journey. Not only will you receive guidance from CSP, you’ll have access to advanced medical care, wonderful support groups and exceptional legal support. You’ll also know that you helped create a family. What could be more rewarding?

  • The steps for becoming a surrogate at CSP

    To begin, you will complete an application to become a Minnesota surrogate. From there, the process will move as quickly as you feel comfortable. We want to move at your speed. To help you know what to expect, here’s a list of the steps in the process.

    • Submit an application and meet with a case manager for screening.
    • Review a list and select the hopeful parents you’d like to help.
    • Prepare for an embryo transfer after receiving medical clearance.
    • Visit a fertility doctor for 10 weeks and then transfer to an OB.

    The step that is the most memorable for our surrogates comes after delivery. At that time, you hand the baby to your hopeful parents to make their dream come true. Nothing is sweeter. From that point forward, you’ll continue to receive support from the CSP team.

  • Surrogates receive many benefits

    When you become a Minnesota surrogate, you will receive generous payment. This amount increases after your first successful surrogacy cycle. This money is life-changing for our surrogates. It allows them to achieve goals for themselves and their families

    In addition to compensation, you’ll also receive advanced medical care, expert legal assistance and support from the CSP team and our local support groups. We’re focused on you during every step of this journey.

    If you’re ready to learn more, contact the CSP team. Our caring experts will answer your questions about becoming a surrogate and help you get started on this beautiful journey.

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