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Become a Washington D.C. Surrogate

CSP can help you start the journey to become a Washington D.C. surrogate

Women like you are heroes at the Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP). When you become a Washington D.C. surrogate, you can make dreams come true for hopeful parents. You’ll know for the rest of your life that you made parenthood possible for them. In addition to this rewarding knowledge, you’ll also receive life-changing compensation.

Becoming a surrogate is a beautiful and selfless act. As a result, our team wants to do everything we can to support you during this journey. You can turn to us for guidance, and count on receiving world-class medical and legal support. You’ll know you’re in good hands because CSP is the oldest surrogacy agency in the world.

  • The steps to become a Washington D.C. surrogate

    Women are often surprised by how quickly they can become a Washington D.C. surrogate. By following the simple steps below, you can change a family’s life.

    • Go online to apply, and then meet with a CSP case manager for screening.
    • Review our hopeful parents and select who you would like to work with.
    • Undergo an embryo transfer after receiving medical clearance.
    • Visit a fertility doctor until you transfer to an OB at 10 weeks.

    Our surrogates find the last step of the journey to be the most rewarding. At this time, you’ll deliver the baby and place the child in your hopeful parents’ arms. It’s a beautiful moment, but it’s hardly the end of the journey. Going forward, you’ll continue to receive ongoing support from the team at CSP.

  • Becoming a surrogate comes with many benefits

    You’ll receive compensation when you become a Washington D.C. surrogate. This amount will increase after you complete a successful pregnancy and delivery. We realize that each woman has different plans for this money. However, each plan is life-changing and benefits the surrogate’s family.

    In addition to the payment, you’ll find becoming a surrogate has other benefits. You’ll receive exceptional medical care and legal support. On top of that, you’ll meet other wonderful surrogates and form lasting relationships.

    Ready to learn more? Contact us and our surrogacy experts will help you get started. We are excited to walk with you on this journey.

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