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Become a Washington Surrogate

Learn how to change lives and become a Washington surrogate at CSP

You can give hopeful parents a priceless gift when you become a Washington surrogate. When you partner with the Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP), we can help you get started. Our team will connect you with hopeful parents who will be forever grateful to you. By becoming a surrogate, you’ll also earn compensation that can change your own family’s life.

Nothing is more beautiful than a generous surrogate helping an individual or a couple create a family. We believe that you deserve exceptional care and comprehensive support on this journey. Not only will you receive guidance from our team, you’ll get world-class medical, psychological and legal assistance.

  • Becoming a CSP surrogate – From start to finish

    To get started with CSP, you will complete an application to become a Washington surrogate. From there, we’ll make sure the process proceeds at a pace you feel comfortable with. Regardless of the speed, all surrogacy journeys include the following steps.

    • Apply online and one of our case managers will screen you
    • Pick which parents you want to help
    • Receive medical clearance to do the embryo transfer
    • Visit a fertility doctor (first 10 weeks of pregnancy) and then your OB for the remainder

    Every surrogate remembers the delivery process. They cherish the moment when they place the long-awaited baby in the arms of the hopeful parents. It’s a beautiful and tear-filled time. After this life-changing birth, our team will continue to provide you with support in the following months and years.

  • A wealth of exciting benefits when you become a Washington surrogate

    When you become a Washington surrogate, you’ll receive tangible and intangible rewards. First, you’ll have the knowledge that you helped hopeful parents welcome a baby. For this, you’ll also receive generous compensation. If you serve as a surrogate again, you’ll receive greater compensation as an “experienced surrogate.”

    Throughout your pregnancy and delivery, you’ll receive medical care from world-renowned doctors and exceptional psychological support. You can also attend local support groups where you can meet other amazing surrogates like you.

    CSP can be your helpful guide as you think about becoming a surrogate. Contact us to learn more about the steps to become a Washington surrogate.

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