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Become an Illinois Surrogate

When you become an Illinois surrogate, you make dreams come true

Nothing feels better than giving back to others. That’s why we started the Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP). If you agree with us, you may want to become an Illinois surrogate. Becoming a surrogate means that you’ll help create families and earn generous compensation for doing so.

As a surrogate, you can help an individual or a couple have a baby. Because you’re doing such life-changing work, we will provide our full support to you. You’ll receive guidance, access to support groups, and the best medical, psychological and legal support available.

  • The steps of becoming a surrogate at CSP

    Your journey to become an Illinois surrogate starts when you complete an online application. From this point on, we’ll make sure that the process proceeds at a pace you feel comfortable with. However, regardless of the speed of your journey, it will include these steps.

    • Meet with a CSP case manager after applying.
    • Select the hopeful parents you will assist.
    • Undergo an embryo transfer after receiving medical clearance.
    • Attend fertility doctor appointments for 10 weeks before moving to an OB.

    When it’s time to deliver the baby, you’ll experience the most memorable moment. You’ll get to place the child in the hopeful parents’ arms. You’ll be the one to make them a family. To thank you for making dreams come true, CSP will continue to support you in the coming months and years.

  • The benefits when you become an Illinois surrogate

    You’ll make meaningful relationships and feel a sense of fulfillment after completing a surrogacy cycle. Not only that, you’ll earn compensation that can change your family’s life. If you decide to be a surrogate again, you’ll earn an even higher level of compensation.

    To keep you healthy and safe, you’ll receive medical and psychological care from experienced and compassionate doctors and counselors. This is all at no cost to you. We’ll also make sure you have access to support groups with other amazing surrogates during your journey.

    Becoming a surrogate is a life-changing experience that you’ll treasure forever. Contact us and we’ll explain how to become an Illinois surrogate.

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