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Become an Oregon Surrogate

You can make a difference when you become an Oregon surrogate at CSP

You have the power to change lives through surrogacy. The Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP) can help you become an Oregon surrogate. Hopeful parents will be forever grateful for your decision to help them welcome a baby. Becoming a surrogate means you’ll have their gratitude forever. You’ll also earn generous compensation that can change your family’s life.

We believe surrogacy is one of the most beautiful acts there is. As a result, you’ll have the full support of our surrogacy agency throughout the journey. You’ll also work with our experienced partners to receive comprehensive medical, psychological and legal services.

  • A list of steps for becoming a CSP surrogate

    You will start by completing an application to become an Oregon surrogate. The process moves at the speed you feel comfortable with. However, each surrogacy journey will include the following steps at CSP.

    • Fill out your application and complete screening with one of our case managers.
    • Pick the hopeful parents who you would like to help.
    • Get medical clearance from a fertility doctor and undergo the embryo transfer.
    • See a fertility doctor for the first 10 weeks of pregnancy and then your OB.

    The last step, delivery, is the most memorable for our surrogates. Our surrogate mothers forever cherish the emotional moment when they place the beautiful baby in their hopeful parents’ arms. After this beautiful event, CSP will continue to support you in the following months and years.

  • The benefits to become an Oregon surrogate

    First, when you become an Oregon surrogate, you’ll receive generous payment. Once you complete one successful surrogate pregnancy, our surrogacy agency will provide increased compensation in the future. It’s up to you how you’ll use the money. It could be to fund college for yourself or your children, pay off your home or make other dreams come true.

    Some other benefits of surrogacy at CSP, include world-class medical care throughout your pregnancy and delivery. We work with highly experienced and respected doctors. We also offer psychological counseling, support groups and legal services to our surrogates.

    If you’re interested in pursuing surrogacy, let CSP be your guide to becoming a surrogate. Contact us to learn more and we’ll help you become an Oregon surrogate.

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