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Los Angeles Surrogacy

The Center for Surrogate Parenting is your guide to Los Angeles surrogacy

Los Angeles is also known as the City of Angels, and we believe that angels are exactly what surrogates are for intended parents. With help from the Center for Surrogate Parenting, intended parents and surrogates are able to have safe and successful Los Angeles surrogacy journeys. Our team uses our winning combination of surrogacy experience, knowledge of surrogacy law and endless compassion to make it all possible.

We love knowing that our work truly makes a difference. We get to help intended parents start and grow their families with help from gestational surrogacy. In addition to making parenthood possible, we also have the privilege of guiding our surrogates as they help someone else welcome a baby. As a thank you for this beautiful act, we make sure that all our surrogates receive generous compensation and our sincere admiration.

Our team members are no strangers to Los Angeles surrogacy

The Center for Surrogate Parenting is the oldest surrogacy agency in the entire world. We proudly pair both U.S. and international intended parents with highly qualified surrogates from the United States. We have worked in cities throughout the surrogacy-friendly state of California for decades. Since then, we have completed about 800 finalizations of parental rights, which translates to hundreds of happy families.

Our goal is to make parenthood a possibility for anyone who wants to experience it. As a result, we offer Los Angeles surrogacy to men and women from a wide variety of backgrounds. We even have the proud distinction of being the first agency to have helped a gay couple welcome a baby through gestational surrogacy. That was three decades ago, and we still work with many LGBTQ+ intended parents today.

Our surrogacy agency is here to help you start or grow your family

When certain roadblocks appear on the path to parenthood, Los Angeles surrogacy can often help bypass them. Our surrogacy agency finds that gestational surrogacy is a great option for several groups of intended parents.

  • Couples and women who cannot carry a baby due to health issues or infertility
  • Gay couples who want to have biological children
  • Single men who want to share a biological connection with their children

If any of these situations sound familiar, our surrogacy agency is here to help. To start, we’ll help you select the surrogate who will carry and deliver your baby. You don’t have to worry about your chosen surrogate getting disqualified, because all of our surrogates have passed rigorous health and psychological screenings. After selecting your surrogate, we’ll help you through each of the steps in the Los Angeles surrogacy process.

Our surrogates are angels on earth

We treasure our surrogates, and our goal is to make sure that they stay safe and healthy every step of the way. To help with this goal, we have basic surrogate qualifications, and you can see a few of them below.

  • Age 21 to 42
  • Body mass index (BMI) of 31 or less
  • Mother of at least one child

When you become a surrogate at our agency, you can change the lives of intended parents. As a thank you for this beautiful act, you’ll receive generous compensation. We’ll also make sure you have support for your Los Angeles surrogacy journey in the form of local support groups and a Surrogate Ambassador Program. Our team will also connect you with high-quality medical and legal services during your time as a surrogate.

Want to learn more about the Center for Surrogate Parenting and how to get started with us? Contact us today.