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Salt Lake City Surrogacy

Salt Lake City surrogacy can change lives and build families. Find out how

Salt Lake City is known as the “City of the Saints.” At the Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP), we believe that the amazing surrogates who make Salt Lake City surrogacy possible truly are saints. The laws in Utah specifically permit gestational surrogacy for intended parents in specific circumstances. As a result, the CSP team proudly guides both intended parents and surrogates in this area through the process of gestational surrogacy.

We love knowing that the work we do every day helps intended parents start and grow their families. It’s equally rewarding to have the knowledge that we’re assisting surrogates and helping to grow the sisterhood of surrogates. From start to finish, we provide support and guidance for every step of the surrogacy journey. We ensure that intended parents get to bring their babies home and that our surrogates receive generous compensation and endless gratitude.

We make it easy to get started with Salt Lake City surrogacy

Intended parents from the United States and abroad, as well as U.S. surrogates, put their trust in CSP because we are the oldest surrogacy agency in the world. Our team utilizes our vast experience to make parenthood possible and build the sisterhood of surrogates in cities like Salt Lake City.

Having a child is truly a blessing, and the CSP team wants to make it possible for anyone who desires parenthood. With help from Salt Lake City surrogacy, we assist men and women from a wide variety of backgrounds. We even have the proud distinction of having helped the first gay couple welcome a baby using gestational surrogacy. That was three decades ago. Today, we’re still helping LGBTQ+ intended parents start and grow their families.

Turn to our surrogacy agency to achieve your family-building goals

Roadblocks can appear on the path to parenthood. Sometimes, intended parents expect them, but these obstacles can be unexpected for others. Thankfully, Salt Lake City surrogacy is a great way to overcome any barriers to parenthood. The following groups of intended parents often turn to our surrogacy agency for family-building assistance.

  • Couples and women who have certain health or fertility issues
  • Gay couples who want to bring a biological child into their family
  • Single men who are ready to start or grow their family

Our team is happy to assist you if you need help from a gestational surrogate for any reason. We’ll start by helping you select a surrogate to carry and deliver your baby. All of our surrogates at CSP have passed intensive physical, reproductive and psychological screenings. This means you can breathe easy because you don’t have to worry about your surrogate being disqualified later in the process. Throughout the journey of Salt Lake City surrogacy, you can trust the CSP team to provide compassionate guidance and support.

We are always welcoming new surrogates to CSP

We prioritize the health and safety of our surrogates above all else. This is why we have developed basic surrogate qualifications. We would love to hear from you if you meet our requirements. Here are a few of our qualifications below.

  • Age 21 to 42
  • Body mass index (BMI) of 31 or less
  • Mother of at least one child

By becoming a CSP surrogate, you’re in a unique position to change lives and build families. As a thank you, you’ll receive generous compensation and world-class medical and legal services. Our team will also make sure you have support on your Salt Lake City surrogacy journey in the form of local support groups and a Surrogate Ambassador Program.

Contact us to learn more about our surrogacy agency and how you can get started with gestational surrogacy. We look forward to telling you more.