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Washington Surrogacy Law Overview

    • Does CSP accept Surrogate Mothers who reside in this state?

       – Yes.

    • Does CSP accept Intended Parents who reside in this state?

       – Yes.

    • Is it legal for Intended Parents who are residents in this state to participate in surrogacy?

       – Yes.

    • Has CSP helped Intended Parents who reside in this state finalize their parental rights?

       – Yes.

    • If a surrogate mother delivers in this state, can the Intended Parents have their names on their child’s birth certificate?

       – Yes. Yes, pursuant to Section 711(1)(c) of Senate Bill 6037, any party to the agreement may seek an order/judgment from the court before, on, or after birth which directs the state registrar of vital statistics to list each Intended Parent as parent of the child on the birth record.

    • Can a same-sex couple legally do surrogacy?

       – Yes. As of 1/1/2019.

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