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Surrogate Mom Face Her Critics (Dr. Phil Show)
Find out what Bill thinks of surrogate Shelly's controversial decision to keep the twins she carried for intended parents. Dr. Phil's "Surrogate Mom Face Her Critics" aired Feb 23, 2010.
When Surrogacy Goes Wrong (Dr. Phil Show)
In this episode of Dr. Phil, surrogate Shelly set the record straight about her controversial decision to keep the twins she carried for intended parents, Scott & Amy. Bill Handel, CSP Director, weighs in. "Surrogate Mom Face Her Critics" aired 02/23/2010
For Our Surrogates
"Surrogacy is very special and very intimate. It can be anxious it can be exciting. But overall everybody wants the same thing -- to have a baby."
Gay Parenting
"We don't consider ourselves a gay agency/ a straight agency. We simply practice surrogate parenting. What matter to us is -- is it a committed couple, is it a committed surrogate. If this couple intend to have a child for all the right reasons."
For Our Intended Parents
"With more than 25 years of experience in this industry, there is no agency better equipped to handle any scenario that could arise between the couple and the surrogate."
Cambridge Study Lecture 2014 on Assisted Reproduction
Susan Golombok is Professor of Family Research and Director of the Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge.
Surrogate Birth Story
"My birth story's, they're all wonderful. That's the moment you either created a family, you've added to a family or you've completed a family."
Children of Surrogates
"I told them that I wanted to help a mommy whose tummy was somehow broken and she couldn't actually carry the baby."
Surrogate Screening Process
The extensive application process through the Center for Surrogate Parenting ensures a more successful journey.
CNN HLN Issues Facing Surrogate Births - 08/30/2012
"The pregancy from the beginning to end is very different from your own pregnancy. It's just a very natural progression to give the baby to them."

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