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Surrogate Mother Medical Screening
"I was quite surprise that it's very detailed and I think that was a draw to it."
Psychological Screening for Surrogacy
"The intended parents and surrogate mothers have a full-time, dedicated mental health professional assigned to the case."

Hilary Hanafin,
Surrogate Mother Matching Process
"We would never consider matching the next couple that walk in the door with the next surrogate that walk in the door."

Joanne Bubrick,
Program Administrator
Meet CSP's Surrogacy Experts
"With more than 25 years of experience in this industry, there is no agency better equipped to handle any scenario that could arise between the couple and the surrogate."

Andrew Vorzimer,
Attorney at Law
Experienced Surrogacy Staff
"CSP has been part of my family since both of my sister's children were born through the program. This is the opportunity to give back the gift that my family received."

Sherrie Smith,
Program Administrator
Surrogacy with Personal Care
"We are very personable, we know all of our couples."

Karen Synesiou,
What the Relationship would be After Surrogacy?
"That's surrogacy, you're thinking about each other with great fondness, but that relationship starts drifiting apart, and that's what we consider a healthy surrogacy."
Choosing the Right Surrogacy Agency
"Many things have changed but the basic premise of philosophy has never changed, and that is in order to create a family, with the help of third party reproduction, it takes teamwork."

Bill Handel,
Surrogacy Spanish
"The reason I chose CSP is because the company has a great reputation and I wanted a very positive experience for me as well as for the parents I am going to help."
Surrogate Group Meetings
"You can get emails, you can get phone numbers and everyone supports each other in the group, so it's really important to go to groups."
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