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What an Uncomplicated Pregnancy Should Look Like

What an Uncomplicated Pregnancy Should Look Like
A healthy pregnancy can be a wonderful experience with an amazing prize at the end. Proper care, healthy habits, and attention to how you’re feeling can help your pregnancy go smoothly. Read on for some of our top tips for a healthy pregnancy and a roadmap of what a healthy pregnancy should look like.

Early Prenatal Care

A good healthcare provider is essential for a successful pregnancy. We recommend scheduling your first prenatal appointment as soon as you find out that you are pregnant so you can be screened for certain conditions or complications. Prenatal vitamins can go a long way in keeping the baby healthy, and it is always imperative that you be open in discussing with your doctor any medications you are taking.

Healthy Habits

In addition to those prenatal vitamins, make sure you get regular dental checkups. Your changing hormones make you more susceptible to tooth and gum diseases. Eat healthy foods and maintain a healthy diet, get plenty of sleep, and stay hydrated, exercise regularly, and stay active throughout your healthy pregnancy. Good habits keep your body and the baby’s habitat healthy. The healthier you are, the more you decrease your risk of complications and problems.

Things to Avoid

While each woman and baby are different, there are certain things that we recommend all pregnant women avoid. In fact, it can be helpful to watch these same things when trying to get pregnant in order to increase your chances of health and success. Tobacco, alcohol, fish with high levels of mercury, pollution and environmental irritants, undercooked meat, deli meat, unprocessed cheeses, and high levels of caffeine can be dangerous.

A Perfect Pregnancy

Overall, pregnancy can be an overwhelmingly positive experience. Conception, a positive pregnancy test, exciting doctors’ appointments, three healthy trimesters, your changing body, and each little step throughout the pregnancy can be miraculous and rewarding. If you choose to become a surrogate, know that using CSP has helped surrogate mothers have happy, successful pregnancies and that the process can be a healthy, positive one.