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Compensation For Surrogates – What They Receive

Learn about compensation for surrogates

If you’re exploring the path of surrogacy, you might be surprised at how much a surrogate makes. A first-time surrogate in most states will make a minimum of $38,000 for a successful pregnancy and delivery. However, in states like California, Nevada, Illinois and Maryland a surrogate will receive $42,000 for a first time successful surrogacy. That fee doesn’t include compensation for lost wages or other expenses to accommodate the surrogate’s changing body during the pregnancy. Let’s learn more about compensation for surrogates.

Caring for a baby with compensation for surrogates

Once the surrogate agrees to carry a child, she will share her body with the baby for the next 40 weeks. The surrogate needs to be able to take care of the child as if it were her own. That means making sure that she never wants for necessary expenses.

For example, eating nutritional food during pregnancy is crucial to having a healthy pregnancy and child. By providing compensation for surrogates, you ensure that your surrogate can stay healthy. If she’s able to keep a refrigerator full of healthy snacks and meals. She’ll be able to make sure that she and the baby are getting the nutrients they’ll need.

Coping with lost wages

When pregnancy changes a woman’s body, it also changes her physical abilities. As her body grows, the surrogate might lose the ability to complete certain tasks at her regular job, which can lead to a loss of compensation for surrogates. As the pregnancy continues to develop, the surrogate might need to be placed on bed rest to ensure that she doesn’t cause harm to herself or the baby. Surrogacy is most successful when both the parents and the surrogate don’t have to worry about finances.

Even if the surrogate doesn’t experience lost wages, she still faces adjustments to her body. The right level of compensation helps her get through the difficulties of pregnancy. This also gives the parents the peace of mind of knowing that their child is receiving good care.

Making the finances work

For the intended parents, the question of providing the surrogate with the right level of compensation isn’t a matter of desire, it’s a matter of finding a way to afford it. Almost all individuals who choose the path of surrogacy would gladly pay any amount of money for the chance to love and care for a child of their own, but affording all surrogacy costs at once can often be another manner. We understand, so financing is an option to help afford compensation for the surrogate and make the experience less stressful and more memorable.

Our goal is helping intended parents and the surrogate mother leave with a positive experience and positive feelings. By providing proper compensation for the surrogate throughout the pregnancy, the intended parents can make sure that both their future child and the surrogate have the care they need to make the experience a success.