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What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Necessarily Stay There

The major legal changes outlined in N.R.S §126 have opened up new opportunities for women who want to become surrogate mothers to help others have babies. Many intended parents find Nevada an ideal location to pursue surrogacy because it has several excellent fertility clinics, a wonderful year-round climate and is one of the world’s most well-known, first-class vacation spots.

So when surrogacy happens in Vegas or elsewhere in Nevada, the babies and parents will be traveling back to their home countries or states, prepared for their new lives as a family.

To help facilitate recruiting surrogates and to provide them with the necessary support, the Center for Surrogate Parenting has hired a surrogacy pro, five-time surrogate mom Michele Subia.

Michele was introduced to the Center for Surrogate Parenting over two decades ago. Seeing an ad in a California Penny Saver, she requested a packet to be mailed to her. Remember when communication occurred over the phone or via snail mail? Though she was not ready at that time, she kept CSP in the back of her mind for when the time would be right.

Fast forward a few years after she and her husband moved to Nevada and had two daughters. She then decided to move ahead and sent in an application.

Michele completed a traditional surrogacy with CSP as well as four gestational surrogacies independently. She has worked closely with fertility doctors in the Las Vegas area and definitely knows the ropes. Read what she has to say about her journey:

I have been involved in surrogacy 20+ years. I began as a TS and delivered my first traditional surrogacy boy in April 1996. After such an amazing journey, I continued helping infertile couples via gestational surrogacy with a girl born in August 2003, a boy born in February 2006, another girl in October 2007 and a boy born in October 2009. I also did egg donation twice.

I have since wanted to continue to help create families and be able to work with CSP, since I began my surrogacy journey with them. The joys and experiences I have to share with others will help me have compassion and to know the ins and outs of working for a great agency.

I have been married (25+ years) and have two daughters. I have also been blessed with five beautiful grandchildren. They have all been such an amazing support systems through my years of surrogacy. Both daughters have considered helping as I did, but at this time haven’t pursued it yet.

I believe my years of experience with the ups and downs in surrogacy will help me in helping others who want to become surrogate mothers as well as help those in need of a precious baby.