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What to Expect as a Surrogate Mother

What to Expect as a Surrogate Mother
Surrogacy using in vitro fertilization or IVF, is a remarkable medical advancement, and there are many reasons why intended parents utilize it: infertility, gay intended parents, a previous hysterectomy, birth defect, or other medical condition.

Becoming a surrogate mother is an enormous decision to make, and it’s important to understand what will happen before, during, and after the surrogacy journey. At CSP, we believe in keeping everyone informed to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible for both the intended parents and the surrogate mother.

Expect Change

Being a surrogate mother is a big transformation in a number of ways. First off, you are going to experience many physical changes. Every pregnancy is challenging, and your body may change in ways you didn’t experience with previous pregnancies. Remind yourself that these changes are expected, and keep in close contact with your doctor to ensure everything is going smoothly.

Establish a Support System

Surrogacy will prompt a flow of emotions of all types, which may seem overwhelming at times. You may feel stressed, excited, nervous, and all the emotions in between. These emotional experiences are why it’s important to have a good support system to lean on at any time. Surrogate mom support groups can be a very valuable for you during the surrogacy process as well as using your counselor for support. Keep in mind that every surrogacy experience is different, and whatever you’re feeling are stepping stones to the most wonderful emotion of all when the parents hold their baby for the first time. We are sure that the happiness you’ll feel in that moment will make everything worth it.

Intended Parents

Being a surrogate mother for a family creates a strong bond, and once the process has started, it’s natural for a strong relationship to form between the surrogate and intended parents. If you feel the need to continue that connection along once the process is complete, that is absolutely encouraged. The counseling team has great guidelines for your post birth contact with your surrogate mom.

Get Started

With everyone working towards the goal of bringing a child into a loving family, amazing things are destined to happen. Allow CSP to help you get started on your journey to becoming a surrogate mother today.