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Why a Surrogacy Trust Account Is Essential

Handling Compensation for Surrogate Moms
As a surrogate mother, you gain great peace of mind knowing you won’t have to stress about compensation, bills, or making ends meet. As CSP, Inc., we want to make sure the issue of compensation is completely taken care of through a surrogacy trust account. Learn more about this account here and why, as a surrogate mother, working with CSP will be as stress-free for you as possible.

Leave the Worry to Us

Making it through the application and screening process to officially become a surrogate mother is a big deal with a lot of work involved. We want you to rest assured that you won’t need to worry about your financial situation as you begin the pregnancy journey. Although giving a couple the gift of a child is something you can’t quite put a price on, it is important to us to make sure you are compensated justly every step of the way.

After the matching process is complete and the contracts are signed between you and your couple, the couple will then deposit funds into your surrogacy trust account. CSP is the administrator of the account, so you can be sure the funds are completely secure at all times and that there is no risk involved.

Insured and Dependable Surrogacy Trust Account

Our general bank account is completely separate from the Prospective Parents Trust Account. In addition, there are currently three trust coordinators. These employees are the only people with the authorization to write checks and gain access to the trust account, though none has signing rights.

As an intended parent, you will be able to receive a monthly ledger by mail or email. This will include the opening and closing balance, the name of the payee, and a brief description of what the monthly payments cover.

As a surrogate mother, you will receive a complete financial package of between $38,000-60,000, depending on your unique situation and the state where you live. This compensation includes all medical bills, transportation costs, lost wages, and many other expenses, though the possibility exists for additional compensation. You will also be given a $5,000 expense account to cover your needs from a chiropractor appointment to getting a pedicure. We want you to always be comfortable during your pregnancy, and we will make sure you have the funds necessary to make this possible with your trust account.


Completely Financially Secure

You can always be confident that we are completely financially secure at CSP. We pay our bills twice a week and have no creditors exceeding 30 days outstanding. We have no loans, with the exception of our rental agreement.

We have banked at the same bank for over 14 years and, in addition to this secure bank, all funds are also supported by the Federal Government’s FDIC insurance program. We want to tell you this so you know that when we say you will be compensated regularly and fairly, you don’t have to wonder if this will actually be the case. We maintain our excellent reputation as one of the premier surrogacy agencies in the world in part because we operate with complete financial security.

Get More Information

At CSP, our goal is to take away the burden of having to deal with financial issues between you and your couple and let you focus on your health and the pregnancy. Although there are many different types of compensation involved throughout the process, we will make this experience as simple and straightforward for you as possible. For more information on the surrogacy trust account or to apply to be a surrogate, contact us today. We look forward to knowing you and working with you!