Center for Surrogate Parenting, LLC.

Why Choose CSP

Why Choose The Center for Surrogate Parenting?

  1. Creating Families® for more than 40 years, CSP is the world’s leading surrogacy agency.
  2. Over 2,600 CSP babies born.
  3. First surrogacy agency to help a gay couple – their baby is now 32 years old!
  4. CSP always has 40-60 surrogate mothers in the screening process.
  5. Hilary Hanafin, Ph.D. – Chief Managing Psychologist, has been evaluating surrogate mothers and assisting infertile individuals for more than 33 years.
  6. There is no surrogacy agency anywhere in the world that has been in business longer than CSP.
  7. Work with the most experienced professionals in the field, including counselors, attorneys, fertility specialists.
  8. CSP surrogate mothers have already completed their psychological testing, medical testing and criminal background check, by the time they are matched.
  9. Intended Parents review a complete medical history for surrogate mothers, including prior pregnancies.
  10. CSP is very serious about confidentiality.
  11. All parties agree to the financial arrangements in the surrogacy legal contract, before conception. Compensation and reimbursements are capped.
  12. CSP surrogate mothers volunteer to be surrogate mothers for emotional fulfillment, not just for the financial compensation.
  13. CSP’s commitment to our intended parents and surrogate mothers has earned us a sterling reputation, and we are very well known and respected by specialists in the surrogacy and infertility field.
  14. CSP maintains separation of professionals – no conflict of interest.
  15. CSP has never had a surrogate mother change her mind.
  16. When working with international clients, CSP has always had babies gain entry to their home country.
  17. All surrogate mothers have approved and verified insurance.