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Why Do Surrogacy in the U.S.A.?

Why Surrogacy in the US Is a Better Option
Commercial surrogacy is a controversial topic, to say the least, and is especially controversial throughout many countries in the world. The US, however, is one of the few countries that allow it legally. But surrogacy has become increasingly popular with many different types of couples, including gay couples, celebrities, and couples who struggle with infertility. It is this legality and the inclusion of all walks of life within the world of surrogacy that has inspired many foreign couples to come to the US for their surrogacy needs. Whether due to infertility or other physical inabilities for natural childbirth, there’s now a spike in interest for couples coming to the United States to utilize American surrogates for their pregnancy. But what makes the United States a better option for surrogacy?

Is Surrogacy in the US Better Than Anywhere Else?

The United States is well known for having fair laws, fair government, and the opportunity for great medical care. One of the top reasons why US surrogacy is preferable is the medical conditions of the US. Many other countries that allow commercial surrogacy (like India, Thailand, Ukraine, and Mexico) don’t have the highly regulated medical conditions that the United States adheres to, which means they may be dangerous places for a surrogate mother to live, possibly making birthing conditions less than ideal. Because the US is such a popular destination for surrogacy, both domestic and international couples welcomed 2,000 babies through gestational surrogacy nearly two years ago.

Most people also believe that it is safer to have their baby in the United States because there is a history of surrogacy in the United States with many laws protecting both the surrogate and the intended parents. In many other countries, including those where commercial surrogacy is legal, there aren’t clear regulations around surrogacy. This makes it far more dangerous for intended parents, especially if they are unable to ensure their parentage with the country in question or get an exit visa for their child. Because most of the world doesn’t recognize surrogacy, those countries have no laws regarding it, meaning that international parents and their children often can be stuck in the country of their child’s birth with no knowledge of when they are able to leave. The United States has laws to prevent such things from happening, protecting the parents and their child.

If you decide to have surrogacy in the United States, however, there is a clear precedence for surrogacy, including the rights of the intended parents for the parentage of the child. Departures from the United States are easy. And because all children born in the United States are American citizens, any international intended parents have a great chance of getting their child dual citizenship, and giving their children the opportunity to live or attend college in the United States.

The Great Divide When it Comes to Surrogacy

Because there is a great divide between the US and much of the world on what constitutes a family, according to a New York Times article on surrogacy, there are a lot of questions to be asked before considering surrogacy in the United States, especially in regards to the laws in your home country and how difficult it may be to bring your baby home following the process.

Some countries ban surrogacy unless it is unpaid, and other countries (like certain parts of Australia) say that going abroad to find a surrogate is a criminal act. We don’t encourage acting criminally according to the laws of your own country, so please research your own country’s laws before deciding on surrogacy as an option. We also can determine the legality of the process with regards to your country’s laws during a consultation to ensure that the entire process goes as smoothly as possible from beginning to joyous end.


A Happy Ending

In the end, having children through surrogacy in the U.S. is relatively easy, especially because of the United States’ favorable treatment of surrogacy and the laws that make the entire process possible. We love helping international parents prepare for a family; nothing brings us more joy than to help a family unable to have a child naturally bring their own into a loving family. Call us today about our Intended Parents Information Booklet or to set up a consultation in person or via Skype and learn about the Center for Surrogate Parenting.