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Why Marriage Equality Matters

Why Marriage Equality Matters

Parenting is a joy unlike any other. It can be difficult to watch as other parents carry around their precious newborns while you are unable to conceive a child, especially if you live in a place that forbids gay marriage. Fortunately, you don’t have to stand back and watch. We believe in the importance of marriage and marriage equality and want to give you a chance to raise a child of your own no matter what your sexual preference is.

Financial Benefits of Marriage

Marriage is important to parenting because of the benefits it brings. For example, a child with married parents can be covered under either insurance policy. There are also some tax incentives for families with children. This all adds to the general stability and the financial safety net provided by the combined incomes and accounts of 2 parents. If marriage is not equal, these benefits are difficult, and sometimes impossible, to acquire.

Marriage and Surrogacy

Marriage equality and surrogacy are linked because only one parent can be genetically linked to the child. If unmarried couples use surrogacy, the second parent must adopt the child. This requires a lot of time and money that is better spent caring for the child.

Surrogacy for Gay Couples

The idea that gay couples cannot produce offspring is patently false. While it is true that both parents cannot contribute genetically, surrogacy allows one parent to make their biological contribution. At CSP, we can help you choose a surrogate to carry your child regardless of your sexual orientation. Contact us for more information about gay parenting options today!