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Why Surrogate Mother Coordinators are so Essential

Helping Surrogate Mothers in the United States
At CSP, Inc., we take our appreciation for surrogate mothers very seriously. It is a selfless, yet sometimes difficult, job to give the gift of life to another couple, and we want to ensure you are comfortable and treated fairly every step of the way. To make sure of this, all of our surrogates will receive a surrogate mother coordinator to assist with many of your needs during this time.
When you are a surrogate mother for our agency, knowing you have an experienced coordinator by your side will give you peace of mind and the help you need to have a wonderful journey.

Assists with Profile Creation & Matching Process

Once you have passed the medical and psychological screening and are officially welcomed as a surrogate mother, your next step is to choose the couple you would like to work with. After you select the couple you’d like to work with, we will then send that couple your profile to make sure there is agreement on both sides. We never make assignments as we want it to be a mutual agreement between the intended parents and surrogate mother.

Your surrogate mother coordinator will guide you through creating your personal profile for the intended parents to see. While the profile is about your life in your own words, it is very helpful to have your coordinator there to make sure it represents you in the best way possible.

At CSP, Inc., we take pride in knowing that our surrogate mothers are top-notch. Our surrogate mother coordinators review new surrogate mother applications, do background checks, and contribute other general support in this area. They know the surrogacy process well, usually from first-hand experience, and are more than happy to help you come to know the process just as well.


Main Point of Contact

While going through the matching, fertilization, and pregnancy processes, your surrogate mother coordinator is your main point of contact. She will act as a liaison between you and the intended parents in an effort to make the journey less stressful for you. Between her and your counselor, you will be well taken care of at every turn.

From the time your application is approved to become a surrogate mother, your coordinator will be right there, starting with the orientation and screening.

Provides Help and Guidance

Becoming a surrogate is an extremely personal and important decision for you to make, and your coordinator will provide guidance for you whenever it is needed. Many coordinators are former surrogates themselves and understand the process on a very personal level. This experience will guide you along and help you feel confident during this sometimes very emotional period.

Coordinators who have not been surrogates themselves still know every detail of our surrogacy process at CSP. You never have to feel like you are asking too many questions since it’s their job to make sure you get them all answered and provide extra support in any way you need. This sense of being “in the know” will provide you as a surrogate mother great comfort.

Since you will deal with counselors and lawyers throughout the process, your coordinator can share her experience in dealing with these professionals and help you along.

Manages Documentation

In order to protect all parties involved, CSP requires many different forms of documentation that can seem overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time surrogate. Your coordinator can help you understand the necessary documentation, excluding financial and medical forms, financial compensation, or loss of wage payments, which will be handled by a counselor or lawyer.

Learn More about Surrogacy

With a surrogate mother coordinator by your side, the process is much easier on you. We want you to have a wonderful experience! If you would like more information about how to apply to be a surrogate or what we require, contact us today. We would love to assist you in starting the journey of a lifetime!