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Why Surrogate Mothers Choose CSP, Part 1

Potential surrogate mothers need to make a big decision when it comes to choosing a surrogacy agency. From our long experience in the field, we know that it usually takes a number of years before a woman takes the plunge to go full steam ahead with surrogacy. But once she reaches that decision, usually the first step she takes is to ‘google’ surrogacy agencies. There are dozens of agencies on the web and many of them are relatively new. Anyone who has been an intended parent or a surrogate mom can create a website and -voilà-they are a surrogacy agency.

So candidates have to sift through the clutter to find an agency that is right for them – one that is looking out for their best interests and those of the intended parents, as well as one which will help them fulfill their dreams of having the best possible match and experience. In the complex surrogacy field, experience is a defining factor.

We were inspired to write this blog after one of our surrogate mom applicants explained in detail her reasons for applying to CSP. To summarize, here were her most important qualifiers:

  • CSP’s experience as being one of the oldest agencies
  • The amount we charge parents: neither the highest (we treat clients as parents not paychecks) nor the lowest (skimping on costs), but our fees are somewhere in the middle, as was the amount of time to complete the surrogacy journey.
  • How surrogates were treated and supported and the ability to be part of a team.
  • CSP would make the surrogacy journey more than just being pregnant, but also about building a friendship with the parents.
  • CSP’s website provides in-depth information.

Her comments (in full below) demonstrate how much research surrogate mother candidates undertake to find the right agency. This is not a decision that anyone takes lightly.

There were multiple things I considered when I was looking for an agency.

One of the reasons I chose CSP is because it’s one of the oldest agencies. Another thing I considered was how long and how much it cost parents to have a baby. I wanted an agency that had relatively low prices and faster process. Some agencies charged close to $190,000 and it took on average 24 months to have a baby. Others, $90,000 and also 24 months. I wanted something in the middle. I wanted an agency where parents are treated as human beings, not as paycheck.

How surrogates are treated is also important. I want to feel like part of the team. According to reviews, both parents and surrogates, when working with CSP, had amazing experience. They built friendship. ( If I get an opportunity to help a couple make their dream of having a baby come true, I want the couple to be as involved as they can because this is not going to be my pregnancy — it is going to be theirs. And, in my opinion, pregnancy is as important as actual birth. ) And I believe that CSP will make surrogacy journey more than just being pregnant.

Additionally, I wanted the website to provide me with all information I needed. Yes, I can do research, but after browsing some agencies I came to conclusion that some just want numbers. For example, they would provide a lengthy fee description and very little information about surrogacy itself. Also, support group. I think as a surrogate having a support group is important, knowing what are people are going through and trying to help them. Some agencies have support groups far away from me, others have a private Facebook page. CSP has a support group in my city, which is convenient for me. Overall, there were a lot of reasons why I felt comfortable applying with CSP, but I believe that CSP treats everyone equally and with care and respect. I believe that both IP and I will feel protected.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog where our surrogate moms shared their reasons for choosing CSP.

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